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Entry #1

Well.. disapointment

2010-07-07 13:43:02 by GroovyGuga

I'm pretty dissapointed with newgrounds, like there's more than a week that I posted my song, and no moderator came to take a look and give me a approval, at least if it is that bad the moderator could tell me, but nooo let's ignore him r and see his reactions, ok, these words are my reaction like seriously I can't be the only one with this problem, damnit u_u

Im uploaded of my two songs, thai I tried to upload here at newgrounds, in 4shared

This was my first, just messing around don't expect too much (and low the volume)

This was my second and the best so far, is a creepy song, It gives that Giygas felling of horror, hope you like it

you can post any comments about the songs here
thank you for reading


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