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Where are the reviews?

2010-08-22 20:38:00 by GroovyGuga

Ok, i'm already receiving bad notes, but guys i don't want numbers, I want words, tell me how I can get my songs better or where are my errors, this is vital for any composer get any better (or maybe not)


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2010-08-22 20:54:49

sorry, I'm not real great at music, so I'm not that good at analyzing it to help you.
Perhaps visiting the Audio forum and asking around can get you some good reviews

GroovyGuga responds:

Looks like my call was answered, with the exception of home virus my music were reviewed, by a excellent reviewer ;-)


2010-08-22 20:56:19

Reviews? Done.

GroovyGuga responds:

You forgot the "home virus" one

Anyway, Thanks for the reviews they are awesome xD


2010-09-03 04:49:43

Howdy thar xD

Good reviews in the AP are pretty rare. Zero bombers lurk around every corner and most people either don't care or are unable to give constructive reviews.

I figure I'll take a minute and go over some of the general things that might help you better your music.

1) If in doubt, youtube. NFX has tons of great tutorials regarding FL. (dot) com/user/nfxbeats


2010-09-03 05:02:04

Woops, accidently left he comment before I was done.

1) If in doubt, youtube. NFX has tons of great tutorials regarding FL.

2) Check your monitors (tells you the volume of each track). When I listened to some of your songs, they seemed to clip from being too loud. One good way to avoid this is right before you're about to export turn everything down completely, then turn each one up until you get the mix right, not too loud, not to soft.

3 )FL's stock VST's aren't the best. There are plenty of free VST out there, some are actually pretty good, some are total garbage, but it's all part of the process. A simple google search for "best VST" or "Free VST" should get you started.

And of course if you ever have any questions you can always ask me. I'm always glad to help out a fledgling producer.

GroovyGuga responds:

Thanks a Lot, Eternal! I'll try to look for that as soon as possible
(i'm very busy these days)